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Help Development Studio
Help Development Studio is a popular, full-featured, stand-alone, complete help authoring tool, which is designed to create WinHelp (.HLP), HTML Help (.CHM), and Web Help (.HTML) files from the same source.
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Latest version: 1.92
File size: 1.4 MB
Interface: English

Windows All
Free trial period: 30 days
Cost: $94.95 USD
This is the only system to offer such power combined with simplicity of usage. Help Development Studio includes all that's necessary for the quick and easy creation of high quality help documentation for your software application. Download your copy now and get a FREE 30-day trial!

Features and Benefits
  • The ability to create WinHelp (.HLP), HTML Help (.CHM), and Web Help (.HTML) from the same source.
  • Write help topics, create a Table of Contents, and do whatever else you need for your help file with a fully integrated environment.
  • Check spelling in your help documentation before it is released.
  • Work on several help projects simultaneously, create libraries of standard help topics, use Segmented Hyper Graphics (.SHG), and manage everything easily.
  • Become more effective by automating various actions for working on help files.
  • Enjoy a variety of unique features such as a complete Auto Correct system, support for additional plug-ins, the ability to use relative paths, and the ability to use customizable text layouts.
  • An easy-to-use multilingual interface.

  • Reviewer and User Testimonials
  • Christoph Neyen, User of Help Development Studio:
    "At first, I love your product. It takes only minutes to create a good looking help for my projects!"

  • Philip Jones, User of Help Development Studio and Hotspot Builder:
    "I have to say that I am very impressed with the speed of your responses to queries - very well done on a very nice product and excellent customer service."

  • Ovi Florea, User of Help Development Studio and Hotspot Builder:
    "I am very pleased with Help Development Studio as well as with Hotspot Builder. Everything works just fine!"

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  • Tina Crawford, User of Help Development Studio and Hotspot Builder:
    "I want to say how pleased I am with your software! I generated a 147 topic help file with 50 BMPs and 15 SHGs in about 12 hours! Thank you for making software that lives up to your promises - I couldn't be more pleased! (As a QA Analyst, I don't bestow such praises lightly! : ))"

  • K.E., User of Help Development Studio and Hotspot Builder:
    "I just registered Help Development Studio and Hotspot Builder after a while of testing it (and other products as well). Congratulations to the programmer(s) - this is really a fantastic tool for me, programming from time to time small VBA applications for specific Excel files and distributing it to my friends."

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